Ways to Treasure Your Wedding Photographs

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If you’ve gone to the expense of having professional wedding photography taken then don’t make the mistake of putting all of your photos into an album which spends most of it’s time sitting in a drawer, out of sight. Instead, there’s several ways in which you can showcase your favourite photos so that they serve as a constant reminder of your fabulous wedding day.


Create a Gallery Wall

Individual wedding photos sitting on sideboards or above the mantle piece can look a bit cheesy and rather old fashioned. Instead, why not use a blank wall in your house to make your own gallery. The wall running up the side of the stairs is often a good place to use, since you get a good depth of wall as you climb the stairs. Try framing your favourite photos in identical frames of various sizes. Black and white photos work best for a gallery and look fantastic framed in simple, brightly coloured frames. Break up the bridal shots with other photos such as the flower displays, the wedding rings, or part of the order of service card.

Coffee Table Book

Coffee table books are growing in popularity and are an extremely attractive way of displaying your photographs. There are online sites which allow you to create your own coffee table book by choosing the cover, templates for the page designs and uploading the photos of your choice. Alternatively, you can hand over your photos to a professional and let them design your book. The idea is to create an heirloom which can be passed down through your family. You may even like to consider a story book style which includes before the wedding photos, the engagement announcement, and various stages of the wedding planning.

Canvas Prints

A favourite wedding photo can look wonderful when printed onto canvas and displayed as a piece of art. There are several online companies which specialise in this type of work and all you have to do is upload your chosen photo and they do the rest. It’s a modern way of displaying your favourite photo in place of a frame.

Digital Photo Frames

These frames are also a nice way of storing your digital photos and make good presents for parents. The frames come in various sizes and you can set them to display just one photo or to create a slide show.


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