Questions to ask Your Wedding Photographer

Finding the right photographer for your big day


The wedding photography is a big part of the wedding day itself and naturally you want to look back in years to come at photos which perfectly captured the essence of your special day. To help you make sure you get exactly what you want, here are 10 important questions to ask a potential wedding photographer:


What is your style?

Many wedding photographers choose a photo journalistic style which is taking shots as they happen without a lot of posing. Some couples may prefer a traditional posed shot, so make sure you are familiar with the different photographic styles. Ask to see a portfolio of their work.

Do you take colour or black and white photos, or both?

Years ago photographers used to have to carry different films and cameras for taking colour or black and white shots. Nowadays digital photography is taken in colour which can easily be converted into black and white. Some people argue that this doesn’t work as well as photos taken with a black and white film. If you expressly want black and white shots make sure that you are happy with the digital conversion.

Do you bring another photographer or assistant with you?

Some photographers have someone else with them to help carry their gear and set up shots. Check to see what you would be getting.

Are you happy to work alongside a videographer?

Some photographers find the presence of a videographer intrusive; others work quite happily with them. If you’re planning on hiring both, make sure that your photographer is aware of that fact.

Do you correct your photos?

Digital photography allows photographers to iron out certain imperfections such as wrinkles and blemishes. Ask whether your photographer does this and whether there is an extra charge.

Can we have some input on the photos and ask for specific shots?

Some photographers want to run the show and others will gladly accommodate specific photo requests.

Do you have copyright of the photographs or will you pass those rights over to us?

Some photographers prefer you to buy your re-prints directly from them whereas others will hand over the rights so that you can get your own copies made. Always check this before signing a contract.

Are you familiar with my wedding venue?

If not, would you be prepared to take a look round beforehand to see the best photo locations?

What does your wedding package include?

Some photographers charge for shooting the photos and then offer a credit towards an album whereas others include their time, photos and an album. Always check to see what you are paying for.

How much deposit is required and when does the balance have to be paid?


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