Capturing the Style of Your Big Day

Vintage style photography


If your wedding day is going to have a vintage and retro edge, then you want a wedding photographer who is going to be able to capture that style perfectly and create you a wedding album with memories that are going to last you a lifetime.

When it comes to choosing your wedding photographer, one of the most important things you can do is look at examples of their previous work. You may find your photographer has a range of styles they shoot in, from classic and elegant, to modern and unique. But if their focus is mainly on one particular style of photography, then you want to make sure that matches up with your expectations and theme of your own wedding day.

If you are having a vintage style wedding then there are a few things you may want to consider:


If you want to give your wedding album that retro look, then filters either used when shooting images, or during the editing process can give you that look. However, if you’re choosing this option, ensure you still ask your photographer to keep some photos in their original form so you have a greater selection.


If you have spent hours creating your own bunting or you have splashed out on some vintage style crockery, tell your photographer so they know that’s an important aspect to your day and they will capture some treasured shots for you.


Capturing a shot of light pouring through the windows and into your reception will look stunning and if you’re having a vintage style big day then you want that sunny, nostalgic feel.

   Get Back to Nature

Retro and vintage weddings are all about reminiscing, so a few outdoor shots will give you that ‘back to nature’ feel.


You may want to have a few props handy for your wedding photographs. Oversized balloons being held by your bridesmaids would look beautiful. Or be prepared for rain with a 1950s style umbrella.

Wedding photographer Michael of Michael Tree Photography has shared some of his favourite images from the wedding of Tana and Ranor in Avianto and perfectly demonstrates how beautifully a vintage style wedding can be photographed. He also shows the perfect example of how a wedding photographer can pick up on the tiniest of details in your wedding decor and make a stunning photo opportunity out of it.

Vintage style photography


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