5 Tips for a Great Engagement Shoot

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Engagement shoots are a great idea not only because they give you some fab photos which you can use for your save the date cards, but they also help to build up rapport with your photographer. Consider it as having a trial run for your big day, if you like. Here’s some tips for getting the best from your engagement shoots.


Lighten Up and Relax

One of the keys to great photography is looking comfortable. No matter how good the lighting or the posing, if you feel uncomfortable it will show. Use this opportunity to get to know your photographer, lighten up and have some fun together. After all, you will be spending the best part of your wedding day in his company, so you want to be able to think of him as a friend. The pictures will look better too.

Choice of Location

Don’t just choose a location because the scenery is stunning. Instead choose a location which means something special to you both. The key here is for you both to have a connection to the place, to feel comfortable and relaxed and happy to be there. It could be a park where you both met when jogging or could be your favourite coffee bar.

What to Wear

Looking good for your photos is important. It doesn’t have to involve dressing up to the nines, you can look just as good in jeans and a sweatshirt. The bride may want to consider wearing her bridal make up and experimenting with her hair to see how well it photographs. You might like to bring along a couple of changes of clothes for more variety in the photos. Also make sure that what you wear is appropriate for the location. You don’t want to be walking on the beach in stiletto heels for instance.

Bring Along a Pet

One of the best ways to relax in front of the camera is to include your pet in a few of the shots. This takes the limelight away from you and can be a great way to warm up in front of the camera.

Choose Your Time of Day

Most photographers prefer to work with natural light and some of the best light can be towards the end of the afternoon heading towards sunset. If it’s a cloudy day, then probably any time is suitable.

Above all the engagement shoot is about you both having fun and learning about feeling comfortable together in front of the camera, so make the most of this opportunity and you will be delighted with the results.


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