Your Post Wedding To-Do List

Everything you need to do after you say I do!


Once you’ve unpacked from your honeymoon and finished off the last of the wedding cake, it’s time to get on with your post wedding to-do list. We’ve made a handy list of the things you must do as you return to reality...

Write Your Thank You Notes

Write your wedding thank you notes as soon as possible to make sure you get them done. It helps to make a note of who gave you what so you can personalise your thank you message. Your wedding thank you cards should go out within two months of your wedding.

post wedding to-do list

Organise Your Wedding Gifts

It’s sad but true – you probably won’t love all of your wedding gifts. If that’s the case, discreetly organise your gifts so the ones you adore are put to use, ones you need later on are safely stored, and the ones you don’t love can be returned. Spare your guests’ feelings though and don’t let on that you exchanged their gift.

Sensible Stuff

If you’re changing your name then you need to notify all the necessary people on your change of name list. If you don’t already have a joint statement with your partner, now might be a good time to set one up!

post wedding to-do list

Save Your Memories

Pick out which of your wedding photos you want to display, and invest in a box to store all of your cards and keepsakes. You can even look into ways to inventively display your dress and preserve your flowers.

Make a Plan

Once the wedding planning is over, you can feel a little lost. Pick a new hobby to devote your time to, work on home improvements or start planning your next fun trip away!


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