Why Wedding Insurance is so Important

Be prepared!


You may or may not have even considered wedding insurance, thinking that perhaps it was just another con to get you to spend more money on top of the heap of money that is already being ploughed into your wedding. The fact that you are spending so much money is why it is so important to have wedding insurance in place. How else can you plan for the unexpected? Should you just shrug your shoulders and move on? Um, no...


Weddings are a huge investment and by the time you take into account the venue, flowers, photographer, videographer, dress, rings, stationery, and catering, it can add up to almost the cost of a new family car. You wouldn’t get behind the wheel of a car without insurance so why take a chance on your wedding. Most of your wedding vendors will ask for a deposit that is normally non refundable so what happens if they don’t deliver as promised? What if your venue burns down the night before your wedding? What if you wake up in the morning feeling too ill to get out of bed? Do you just forego your wedding or spend a whole heap more money on re-booking? That’s the beauty of wedding insurance, to protect your dream wedding should the unexpected happen.

Wedding insurance is growing in popularity in South Africa and although it adds to the cost of your overall budget, it is relatively small in comparison to the amount you stand to lose should your wedding not go ahead as planned.

It’s always worth checking with your suppliers and the venue to see whether they have insurance in place which will cover you in the event of any unforeseen circumstances and this can help you decide what level of insurance cover to take out. Insurance policies range in cover from around R75,000 to R200,000 depending on the value and extent of coverage required. A basic package should cover the cancellation of the wedding due to extreme sickness or death, or the venue closing down. It should also cover damage to the wedding dress, loss of rings, as well as the non show of the photographer or his equipment being faulty and you not receiving your photos as well as covering the possibility of the caterers failing to show up.

Naturally the insurance doesn’t cost a couple simply having a change of heart but it will certainly give you peace of mind. It always makes sense to compare prices of policies against what the cover offers.


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