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When you’re planning a wedding, some of the most invaluable planning advice can come from couples who’ve already been there and done that! We spoke to some of our favourite real wedding couples to get their top wedding planning tips and advice.

“Do Your Research!” — Roseann and Malcolm

Roseann and Malcolm had a traditional church wedding with a beautiful vintage Hollywood glamour theme. Roseann loved making her own wedding invitations in the run up to the wedding:

Roseann and Malcolm

“It was something original and we made it a family and friend effort. So as much as there was work to be done, it was also fun and it saved us some labour costs too!”

The couple’s top tip for brides and grooms is to “always do your homework on vendors and wedding planners before booking them. It helps to check reviews on your vendors and planners. If you are working on a budget, always make sure that your colour scheme and or theme works for the date you have chosen, for example, certain flowers are cheaper at different times of the year.”

“Make Sure You’re Both on the Same Page!” — Tebogo and Oratile

Oratile and Tebogo married in a traditional African wedding which was attended by 350 guests. The wedding was about two families coming together, so a lot of the planning process reflected this. The couple managed the expectations of both of their families by making sure they each dealt with their own family: “We were advised earlier on by a couple that we trust that we should each manage our respective sides of the family as certain things are better received when they come from one of your own.”

Tebogo and Oratile

Tebogo has plenty of tips about how to make your wedding planning easier — after planning a two day affair for so many people she can handle just about anything! She suggests: “Make sure that you are both on the same page and do not change plans without first discussing with your partner. Listen to family and friends ideas too but be sure to make the final decision at a separate time so as to ensure that you do nothing out of pressure which you might regret later. Be sure to express you views and areas in which you are willing to compromise and those which you are not.

“If at any time the planning is causing a great deal of stress, make time for just you and your partner to regroup and reconnect because it is vital to take care of the partnership!”

“Get Wedding Checklists!” — Monique and Craig

Craig and Monique tied the knot in a beautifully elegant Parisian themed wedding! Monique was super organised when it came to planning her big day: “Make a checklist — they have different ones on — they helped me so much! And appoint a maid of honour and give her a checklist to delegate to the bridesmaids.

Monique and Craig

“Also, take a few days off before the wedding! This is so important, I got my nails done, had a massage and coloured my hair — I felt like royalty and it made me feel calm. I savoured every second. The night before the wedding, try to spend it with your family — I stayed with my parents and brother and it was such a special time, as on the day you’re so busy and there’s no time to be alone together.”

“Finally, do an engagement shoot with your wedding photographer. My husband is camera-shy, but as we had so much fun and were relaxed with our photographer, on the big day the pictures were so naturally beautiful!”

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