How to Re-Cycle and Re-Use Your Wedding Gear

Make the most of your wedding


After your wedding, you might want to keep a few special items that have sentimental value to you. But after you have spent thousands on throwing the perfect wedding day, we take a look at how you can re-cycle or re-use some of your wedding gear.

Have a Catch Up Over Cake

If you have been left with more slices of wedding cake or wedding cupcakes than you can imagine, why not use it as the perfect excuse to have a catch-up with those family and friends that you may have neglected a little in the run up to your wedding day.

Wedding Cake

Give Your Wedding Dress a Makeover

Why not have your wedding dress shortened to give it a whole new lease of life. Or if you can bear the thought of cutting your perfect dress, why not save it to hand down to your future daughter so that she can wear it to her own wedding.

Wedding Dress

Dye Your Shoes

One of the easiest items to re-use is your wedding shoes. If you chose to have ivory or white shoes then these can easily be dyed to any colour you like.

Wedding Shoes

Sell Your Décor

Do you really need 40 glass vases? Why not sell some of your wedding decor online and let someone else use it to create their own dream wedding.

Make the Most of Your Bridal Jewellery

Get your monies worth from your bridal jewellery by wearing it on special occasions. It’s easy to end up putting it away for safe keeping and forgetting about it, so make a conscious effort to wear it on special occasions and maybe even anniversaries.


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