Finding the Perfect Wedding Colour Scheme

Finding the colour scheme that's right for you


Choosing your wedding colour theme is one of the first tasks in hand and needs to be settled before much of the other planning can begin. If you have a favourite colour such as pink, then it may be an easy decision for you. However, the groom may put his foot down when it comes to a pink theme, so here are a few tips which you might like to consider and which could help make your mind up.


Match Your Colour to the Season

You may like to match your colour according to the time of year that you are getting married. Summer tends to lend itself to bright, vibrant colours or soft cooling pastel shades and even pretty prints. A winter wedding, on the other hand, lends itself to rich, deep colours, such as burgundy, mustard or gold, and hunting green.

Match Your Colour Scheme to Your Wedding Theme

If you’re holding a themed wedding such as a garden wedding or a safari wedding, then you might like to use those influences in your choice. A garden wedding could feature the vibrant colours of your favourite flowers, say yellow daisies or pink gerberas. If you’re holding a safari wedding then you could utilise a small amount of animal print in the décor and choose natural earthy colours together with soft shades of pastel.

Consider the Venue

If you’re hiring a reception room at a venue then it always pays to think about their décor. Do they have prints on the walls, what colour is the carpet? The last thing you want is to clash with the colour scheme in place at your chosen venue.

Make a Moodboard

Try using a colour wheel or a paint chart from your local DIY store. These can be used to see what colours work next to each other. You could also make up a mood board which has samples of fabrics which you like, pictures from magazines of flowers that you like, all that sort of thing which could inspire you or help with choosing an accent colour. Or why not create your very own moodboard using the tool in our members section.

Keep it Simple

It’s easy to go overboard and use too many colours, resulting in a frenzied wave of colour with no real direction. It’s often easier to choose one colour, say blue, and then use varying shades of that one colour to pick out certain items, such as the bridesmaids dresses, the reception flowers, or the table linen. Remember soft delicate colours create a romantic ambience whereas bright vibrant colours add a touch of drama.


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