Beat the Post Wedding Blues

How to conquer the post wedding blues


Post wedding blues are a real thing. When you’ve spent so long planning and looking forward to such a huge event, it’s only natural to feel a little deflated after the day. We’ve come up with five ways to help get over the post wedding blues...

Don’t Feel Guilty About It

It’s a real thing, so don’t beat yourself up for being down. Talk to your partner about it — they might feel the same! If you’re missing the buzz of planning something, consider planning a party or an amazing trip for your first anniversary.

Catch up with Friends

Chatting and laughing with your friends is a great way to forget any worries and stresses. Organise a catch up with your best friends or a night out full of dancing!

how to conquer the post wedding blues

Have Some Couple Time

Make sure you don’t let the romance out of your relationship now you’re married. Arrange date nights or cosy evenings in at home where you catch up and cook dinner together.

beating the post wedding blues

Make the Most of Your New Found Skills

If you discovered you’re super organised, have a knack for flower arranging or are amazing at calligraphy, why not put your new skills to use. Help out friends, or look into starting your own business.

post wedding blues

Get a New Project

Whether it’s DIY, a trip away or a career change, giving yourself a new focus and goals will help distract you from the post wedding blues!


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