5 Things Modern Day Couples Need to Do

5 new social media wedding traditions


The popularity of social media is creating a wealth of new wedding traditions! We’ve made a list of five things every tech-savvy newlywed couple should do to mark their marriage online…

Change Your Name

This is a big one for the bride! Update your Facebook name to include your new surname (there’s a function that allows you to keep your maiden name stored for search purposes too), and change your Instagram and Twitter handles to make it really #official.

Update Your Relationship Status

Everyone knows your relationship is serious when you make it ‘Facebook official’, and it was so exciting to change it from ‘In a Relationship’ to ‘Engaged’! Changing your Facebook status to ‘Married’ is the final and most exciting step – and is guaranteed to generate a lot of ‘likes’!

5 social media wedding traditions

Share Your Wedding Album

Uploading your wedding photos on to Facebook allows those who couldn’t be there to see your wedding, and lets those who were there relive the memories! When you’ve paid so much for your wedding photography, it makes sense to share it as much as possible.

Upload an Instagram Snap

Yes, you paid a lot of money for professional wedding photography…but who can resist the Instagram filter? Add a happy picture to your Instagram account and include a hashtag with your new surname. Ask guests to do the same, and collect the memories!

5 social media wedding traditions

Have a ‘Switched Off’ Honeymoon

Once you’ve done all of the things above, it’s time to turn off the Blackberry and enjoy your honeymoon the old fashioned way, with no digital distractions. You can upload your honeymoon snaps when you get back…


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