2015 Wedding Trends

Wedding trends for 2015


Whether you recently got engaged or are putting the finishing touches to your wedding plans, make sure your 2015 wedding is on trend. We spoke to five wedding experts to get their take on the key wedding trends for 2015.

Wedding Dress Trends for 2015

Rentia from Blush Bridal spends her whole life immersed in wedding dresses, and is an expert in spotting emerging trends. We asked her for her take on 2015 wedding dress trends, so you can be sure your wedding dress is wonderfully stylish...

“My top three wedding dress trends are as follows: simple elegance. We had a lot of back detail and vintage lace inspired looks the last few years and I see more and more brides looking for minimalistic and classic looks.

“Back detail — I believe 2014 only started the back detail trend. I think we will see much more of this in 2015!

“Finally, lace, lace and more lace. No matter who the bride is, the number one wedding dress addiction remains lace! Brides just can’t get enough of it.”

Blush Bridal

2015 Trends in Wedding Decor

Loretta Alley takes care of weddings at the beautiful Nantes Estate, an elegant wedding venue based in the Winelands. She shares her take on wedding styles and decoration for 2015.

“We are getting a lot of smaller, more intimate wedding requests where the brides only book our downstairs venue. They then either do a cocktail menu with bowls of foods or a small sit down menu for up to 40 people max. Lace is making a big appearance again and we’re seeing much softer décor trends with earthy elements.”

Nantes Estate

2015 Wedding Cake Trends

Make sure your wedding cake is totally on trend — Dawn from Sophisticake shares her top wedding cake trends for 2015.

“What I’ve seen is a general resurgence in is the classic style of wedding cake but with a modern twist, along with a beautiful use of delicate detailing and updated Victorian theming which makes for a very romantic feel. This style, along with the occasional bold statement flower or splash of shimmering metallic is the way wedding cakes are heading in 2015.”


Wedding Style Trends

Wedding planners Oh So Pretty Wedding Planning are experts when it comes to planning the perfect wedding day — Linda explains what trends she expects will be huge when it comes to wedding style in 2015:

“Firstly, colours — there has been a definite shift from the pastels towards dark colours like classic blues and we don’t see that trend petering off any time soon. If you’re into symbolism this dark blue colour is a great choice as it represents trust, honesty and loyalty.

“Also we’re seeing a fun new trend for food stations! Serving your guests buffet style has always been popular as it a great way of letting them be spoilt for choice and gives them the autonomy to select whatever their heart desires. This concept has taken on new meaning with the introduction of themed ‘food stations’. Having a well presented food station that is styled according to your wedding theme is not only practical but adds a novel element to the event.”

Blue Collage

2015 Wedding Makeup Trends

Durban based makeup artist Emma Launder is an expert at stylish, fashionable makeup, making her the perfect choice to comment on 2015 wedding makeup trends!

“We went from a season of brides wearing lots of makeup, to recently, brides not wanting much makeup at all. My prediction for this year is that brides are going to step out more, and find a balance of fresh makeup but also bringing in bright pops of youthful colour. I’m thinking things like feminine, sophisticated makeup with flushed cheeks, lots of shades of pinks and pastels and bright coloured lips.”



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