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The wedding invitation is the first thing that most of your wedding guests will see so it’s important to take your time choosing a design that fits in with your wedding theme and sets the tone of the day. Whether it is formal or informal, quirky or whimsical, black and white or coloured, all of these things will give your guests a hint of what to expect on the day.

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Finding just the right invitations at the price you are willing to pay can be a tough one, so it may pay you to make your own wedding stationery. You don’t have to be artistic, but if you are a little creative then naturally it helps. Making your own stationery has several benefits:

Price — making your own stationery can cost less than buying ready made

Personal and unique — Creating your own designs allows you to add your own personality and makes the stationery unique

Special — receiving a hand made card or invitation makes the recipient feel very privileged and special

There are a few ways that you can make your own stationery depending on how much time you have available and how creative you are.

Firstly you can go online and browse any of a number of sites which produce customised stationery. They tend to offer a selection of templates, colours and fonts which allow you to customise your stationery and either use their printing service or you can print your own and assemble the invitations.

Secondly, you can start from scratch and purchase all of the materials that you need to make your own stationery, including paper, envelopes, foils, transfers, embellishments and jewels. Again you can find stores online or visit your local craft store. You can have great fun designing your own stationery and however simple your design, for example butterflies or flowers, you can carry it throughout your stationery, table settings, menus and place names.

Finally you can think totally out of the box and create your own stationery using photos of you both, postcards, or any thing that fits in with your special day. The only limit to your designs is your imagination.

Just remember to allow yourself plenty of time to make your stationery as it does require patience and attention to detail. Perhaps you could enlist the help of a few friends and spend some fun time together crafting all of your stationery.


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