Quick Tips on Writing Your Thank You Notes

Writing your thank you notes


Sending a thank you note shows your guests how much you appreciated them being at your wedding and helping it to go with a swing. Their presence is enough of a reason for you to send them a thank you note. It is a very important part of wedding etiquette and should be done as soon as you return from honeymoon.

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Keep a List of Your Gifts

One tip which will save you no end of time is to keep a copy of your wedding guest list and as the gifts start to arrive write down next to each guest details of the present received. Be sure to write a couple of details such as the make of the item, colour etc. just so you can identify which of the cut glasses that Aunt Mavis sent you out of the two or three sets that you received.

Hand Written

Generally speaking all thank you notes should be hand written. If you don’t have lots of time or your writing isn’t very neat, then I would suggest buying pre made thank you cards but be sure to handwrite a personal message inside.

If You Don’t Get a Gift

Even if you don’t receive a gift, you should still send a thank you note to that person for taking the time to attend your wedding and making it the success that it was.

When to Send Out the Notes

From a personal point of view, I would say send out the notes as soon as you can. Etiquette dictates that the thank you notes should be sent out within 2 weeks to 1 month of you coming back from your honeymoon.

Be Organised

The more organised you are the easier it will be to send out your wedding thank you notes. Give yourself a head start by addressing all of the envelopes, using the guest list that you have kept, and then you simply have the thank you notes to write and pop into the envelopes. Set up a designated area in one room of your house and keep everything to hand. Don’t think that you will complete the task in one sitting, because you won’t!

Write About the Gift

This is where my first point has importance relevance, keeping a note of who sent what, make and colour etc. When you phrase your thank you note be sure to include something along the lines of “Dear Aunt Beryl, thank you so much for your kind gift of a white Breville Toaster.” If you received a monetary gift then give some indication as to what you plan to do with the money, something along the lines of “Dear Aunt Beryl, thank you so much for your kind gift of R200. We plan on putting it towards the cost of a new sofa”.


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