How to Determine the Wording on the Guest Invitations

Wording your invitations


Getting the wording right on your wedding invitations can be a tricky task but generally it pays to keep your wording in line with the type of wedding that you are planning. For example, if you’re planning a laid back beach wedding then try writing a simple invitation on an informal card, such as the wording written in the sand, photographed and sent to guests. If you’re having a top hat and tails church wedding then send formal invitations together with formal wording.


How to Word Informal Wedding Invitations

For informal or small weddings you need to let your guests know the time, date and venue. Being casual doesn’t mean using slang terminology but means you could use wording along the following lines: “David and Sarah would like to invite you to share their special day on Friday, 22nd November at Clifton Beach. The wedding is taking place at 5 pm with a reception after at the Marina. Feel free to wear flip flops, shorts and swimwear for fun afterwards”.

Using such terminology as this lets the guests know that they don’t need to dress up to the nines. Naturally not all casual weddings will be on the beach, but the wording needs to put the guests at their ease so as they know what to wear and what to expect.

Wording for Formal Wedding Invitations

A formal wedding calls for a completely different approach. Quite often it will come from the bride’s parents and will say something along these lines “Robert and Alice Jones request the pleasure of your company at the wedding of our daughter, Sarah Jones to David Smith.” This will be followed by essential information such as time, date and venue. It will also request an RSVP. The very tone of the wording will alert guests to the fact that it is a formal occasion and that they need to dress accordingly.

If the couple are paying for the wedding themselves then the invitations could be worded “David Smith and Sarah Jones cordially request your presence on November 21st at  5 pm at St. Simon’s Church to partake in their wedding ceremony”. If the parents have contributed financially to the wedding, then the wording could read something like David Smith and Sarah Jones together with their parents, Robert and Alice Jones and Steven and Hannah Smith, cordially request your presence on November 2lst at 5 pm at St. Simon’s Church to partake in their wedding ceremony”.


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