Taking the Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie

Take the perfect photo


These days getting engaged also means taking the perfect engagement ring selfie that you can share with your friends and family and also post to your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

It isn’t until you start to take this special photo that you start thinking about lots of things — what angle should I have my hand? Do my fingers look fat? What colour shall I paint my nails? Take a look at our top tips so you can take the perfect engagement ring selfie.

Get Your Hands in Perfect Condition

If you are taking an engagement selfie then a good manicure won’t go amiss! If you want to add a romantic touch to your nail polish then Ciaté have some beautiful shades with fitting wedding related names such as Glitteratti, Sugared Almond and Couture — all available from www.ciate.co.za.


Find an Awesome Background

If your engagement happened in a stunning location then think about taking the perfect engagement selfie that includes the stunning scenery. Caroline Hendry from our editorial team explains how she took her own engagement ring selfie:

“It was during a trip to Canada that my boyfriend asked me to marry him. The scenery there is spectacular and I felt like I had to take advantage of the vibrant blue lakes and the snow-topped mountains. My engagement ring selfie is taken with Lake Louise in Alberta in the background and finished with the Instagram filter Hudson.”

Think about the background

Think About Lighting

If you are taking your engagement ring selfie indoors then think about the lighting — a bright light will show off your ring’s sparkle. If you are taking a photo using your phone then turning off the zoom function and turning off the flash can also lead to a clearer picture.

Know Your Ring’s Best Angles!

Think about the shape and style of the ring, what are the best angles? If your ring has some beautiful side detailing then perhaps show that off. Take a few different shots and decide which shows off the best of your ring!

Try Various Hand Positions

It can feel a bit unnatural taking multiple photos of your own hand! Try having your fingers straight and tilting slightly to give the illusion of length. Alternatively you could lie your hand flat on the table. Try out a few poses and see what suits your hands.

Consider Using Props

If you aren’t keen on a classic hand shot then think about taking a photo using props. This scrabble pose is super cute and is also a great way to bring your partner into the shot.

Young couple

Don’t Forget About the Box!

When photographing your ring don’t forget about the box — our UK editor Francesca Cribb has a gorgeous ring from Tiffany & Co and we love this photo that shows a flash of Tiffany blue! Look at the presentation box your ring came in and try out a few shots.

Engagement ring box

Use a Photo Filter

Even the most amateur of photos can be given a makeover with the addition of a filter. We have picked out a few of our favourite Instagram filters to show how they can really change a photo. If you are not an avid Instagrammer then you will find lots of other photo apps out there that create simillar effects.


Post Just One Picture!

Although you may have lots of photos you love, be strict with your posting and just post a single picture of your ring. Firstly, all your congratulations messages will then be held on that one photo, and you also won’t bombard people’s news feeds with endless shots of your engagement ring!

Do you have an amazing engagement ring selfie to share with us? Tweet your pic to @hitchedcoza, we’d love to see it and we re-tweet every one we receive!


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