The 39 Emotional Stages of Planning a Wedding

If you’re planning your wedding at the moment, you’ll be able to identify with these common emotions!


Feeling the emotional stress of planning a wedding? It’s hardly surprising. There’s a lot to consider - from choosing the perfect wedding colour scheme to making a wedding gift list – it can be an overhelming time, full of emotion. From huge highs to dramatic lows, we’ve put together the 39 stages every bride goes through to prove you’re not alone. 

1. You think your partner might propose soon but you’re trying to act cool

You have a good feeling that your partner is about to propose. His sudden interest in jewellery has got your attention and with your restaurant reservation coming up soon, you can’t help but wonder.

2. You’re engaged! 

Despite your suspicions, your partner has managed to pop the question and every inch of your body is buzzing with excitement. 

3. You just can’t wait to tell everyone

You’ve called your mum and best friend to tell them the news, but it’s time to announce it on Facebook and make sure that you’ve nailed your engagement ring selfie.


4. The questions begin

You’ve been engaged for a week, and now people seem to think that you have the answers to all their wedding questions. Where is your venue? Who are your bridesmaids? It is becoming overwhelming.

5. Looking at ideas is so exciting

As you begin to look at wedding websites and blogs, all your ideas are coming together and you find the excitement buzz is back!


6. With so many ideas, you realise how much planning you need to do

As beautiful as this inspiration is, you are starting to feel overwhelmed again by how much planning is required for your big day. You always pictured a summer wedding but now you’re not so sure and having to consider your budget makes everything even more complicated. 

7. You visit some venues and find the one you love

After some serious research, you chose a selection of venues and have found THE ONE. Nearly in tears, your excitement is definitely back!

8. You book the venue, set a date and feel so organised

Your wedding planning is incredibly smooth so far, and now that everything has been confirmed you are feeling so smug, and a bit more relaxed

9. You shortlist all your favourite ideas

Using Pinterest and Instagram, you start working on your wedding style to try and figure out your wedding theme.

10. You create the perfect wedding day

Hours of searching through little details on Pinterest boards, you have chosen a colour scheme and decided on the finishing touches to make your perfect day.


11. You price it up - how much?!

After totting up all your favourite ideas, you have completely gone over your budget. And to make things worse, you haven’t even included the unforeseen wedding costs.

12. You realise you need to reign it in

Taking the time to sulk, you have finally realised that you need to cut back on your spending in order to meet your budget.

13. You book a dress appointment

The moment every bride waits for- choosing the dress. With your budget in mind, you are free to book appointments and search with determination for your dream dress.

14. You vow to never eat carbs

Searching for dresses has made you excited, but it has also made you want to never eat carbs again. Well, at least until your honeymoon.

15. You find the dress

Feeling relieved and also sick to your stomach, you have found the dress - now you are on the ultimate high and cannot stop planning!


16. You’re happy again

You now have the dream dress, a perfect venue and can sit back feeling smug at how much you have accomplished

17. You start to search for suppliers

It’s time to get all the smaller elements of your wedding booked, so you start to think about the florist and caterers. These all play an important part in your special day.

18. You realise your guest list is almost double your estimation

The nitty-gritty of the wedding planning involves writing down every name for your guest list. Obviously panicking, you are forced to think about who you can take off the list. 

19. You prioritise your guest list

Thinking seriously, you remove some guests from the list and achieve a more reasonable number. It was hard, but you feel a sense of achievement from completing this task.

Wedding Planning Guestlist

20. You send your save the dates

Sending off your ‘save the dates’ allows you to feel relieved and on top of your planning. 

21. All is calm

Now all you have to do is work on your invites. You love this relaxed planning stage. 

22. You send your invitations

Time is flying by and it’s time to send out the invitations. After triple checking names and addresses, you are all ready to go!

23. You wait for the RSVP

It’s exactly 24 hours since you sent your invites, so why has no one RSVP'd yet?


24. Not everyone RSVPs

You made sure you clearly stated your RSVP deadline, however some guests have still not replied. This is so frustrating and you’re trying to control your rage.

25. All RSVPs are in and you start to finalise details

After waiting FOREVER, all the RSVPs have been returned! You have carefully noted the guest list and  you can start to finalise all little details of your big day.

26. The wedding gets closer and you’re SO excited

All your ideas have come together and you can’t wait to share them with your friends and family. You are so excited you could burst!

27. Then you start to cry for no reason

Despite feeling organised and on top of all planning, you are feeling emotionally vulnerable and can’t help the sudden outbursts.


28. Then you panic

You need to slow down in your organising and take a moment to breathe. Panicking is causing you to start worrying about absolutely EVERYTHING

29. Then you fight with your fiancé because they just don’t get it

Despite your best efforts to try and relax about the wedding, your stresses are causing you and your partner to argue.

30. Then all the plans start to come together

Your emotional rollercoaster is coming to an end, and your wedding plans are falling into place nicely so you can finally start to relax. 

31. The night before the wedding comes and you’re running around like a mad woman

Although you had imagined the day before your wedding a relaxing one, you can’t help yourself from running around checking that everything is ready

32. You have an early night

Although still fidgeting, you actually manage to get a good night sleep before the big day.

33. You wake up early, super excited! 

The day is finally here! Refreshed from your early night and a stomach full of butterflies, you are feeling happy!


34. Your bridesmaids start to arrive and it feels real

As everyone starts to get ready, beneath your excitement there is definitely stress. You are panicking about the girls’ lipstick and you are going to need someone to assist you to the loo.

35. You have your dress on and you’re ready to go!

It has suddenly hit you how real this is feeling. A mixed feeling of nerves and excitement.

36. You’re about to walk down the aisle

Keep breathing… you are about to live the most amazing moment.


37. You can see your partner and want to burst with excitement  

The sight of your partner at the end of the aisle is overwhelming. You immediately forget the hundreds of guests you have invited, you can’t think of anything else except him. 

38. You have the best day of your life! 

Vows out of the way, beautiful photos taken and now you sit for your carefully selected wedding menu. It’s officially time to relax and enjoy.  

39. Then you live happily ever after

Your big day is over and now you can remain in your happy bubble as you jet off on your honeymoon! Up next is the big journey of married life where you will live happily ever after. 


The wedding may be over but the jobs aren’t done quite yet- make sure you take a look at our post wedding to-do list.


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