Tips on Staying Within Your Flower Budget

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On average most brides allow about 10% of their total wedding budget for their flowers which, if the overall budget isn’t that large, can be quite a small amount to cover bouquets, butonnieres, ceremony and venue flowers. So how can you stay within your budget and still put on a good display?


Choose Seasonal Flowers

The very first tip is to choose seasonal flowers since naturally if they’re plentiful and in easy supply then the price will be comparatively cheaper than flowers which have been imported. Discuss your budget with your florist and she should be able to make suggestions for alternative flowers that give the same effect but are considerably cheaper.

Have a Smaller Bouquet

Rather than carrying a large bouquet of flowers a simple stem can look equally as stunning. Here I’m thinking of the African Queen Lily, known as Agapanthus or even a single Rose. It’s quite easy to make these yourself to save on costs and the stems can be placed in floral tubes with water to keep them fresh, and wrapped with satin ribbon.

Recycle Your Flower Decorations

Another idea to keep within your budget is to use your wedding bouquet and those of the bridesmaids and slip them into a vase to use as a centre piece floral display on the reception tables, also bring your flowers from the ceremony alter and position them at the entrance to the reception room.

Grow Your Own

For an informal wedding you could consider growing your own flowers or tying together a simple bunch of locally sourced wild flowers. You could scatter the aisle and the guest tables with silk flower petals. Ask friends and family if they would consider growing some flowers for you. You may end up on the day with a mis-match of flowers but they will look stunning if arranged in glass vases and all tied with the same colour ribbon to match your wedding colours.

Make Use of Nature

Let nature act as a colourful backdrop to your wedding and take advantage of pretty spring flowers or colourful autumn leaves. If you’re getting married in the autumn try using pressed leaves scattered on your tables, in the spring and summer, use wild flowers in mason jars on the table and use evergreen foliage to wrap around arches in the winter to add to floral centre pieces.


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