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It’s long been a tradition for the bride to carry a bouquet of fresh flowers at her wedding and also to include flowers in the wedding décor. However, cut flowers can be expensive and wasteful, or what if you have an allergy to flowers? Modern brides are dreaming up clever alternatives to fresh flowers and here’s some ideas to give you inspiration.

Use Potted Plants

Potted shrubs or even small trees can make stunning table settings and décor elements. We love the idea of small trees edging the dance floor or sitting on a patio, with strands of fairy lights hanging between them. Once the wedding is over the plants can easily be used in the garden.

Succulents and Herbs

Succulents are being used even more for decorative purposes and their strange often bulbous shapes can create some stunning designs. Decorative moss and pebbles also look great when teamed with succulents in a table setting. Small potted herbs such as lavender, mint, and rosemary not only smell divine but look colourful and could even be given to guests as wedding favours.

Flower Free Bouquets

How about having your bridesmaids carry pretty fans for a Spanish themed wedding or pretty jewelled bags to match the colour of their dresses. The wedding bouquet can be made of plenty of other things in place of flowers. How about creating a bouquet from vintage brooches or, if your holding a beach wedding, what about using different shells or a customised pin wheel.

Silk Flowers

Silk flowers can be quite expensive but they look extremely life like and definitely won’t wilt in the heat. They’re also easy to keep as a reminder of the wedding instead of having to preserve real flowers.

Fabric Flowers

Creative brides could make vintage blooms for their bouquets and table setting using fabrics curled round tightly to mimic roses. Use florist wire covered with green binding for the stems and tie them at the bottom with some antique lace. Stunning!

Butterfly Bouquet

Finally, an idea I saw which I thought was incredibly pretty is a butterfly bouquet. It’s also a theme which could be carried throughout your wedding day and used in several different ways. Have a look in your local craft shops or on line for butterfly kits or even some other ideas such as paper flowers which can look every stylised and elegant.


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