Points to Consider When Planning Your Wedding Flowers

Getting organised


It’s never too soon to start planning your wedding flowers and making appointments since many florists only take on one wedding a day, so as you can imagine they can get booked up months in advance, especially during the popular summer wedding months.


If you know very little about flowers and don’t have any particular thoughts regarding which to choose, you will probably find your inspiration once you enter the florist shop. By all means have a look at pictures of flowers and bridal bouquets, but go with an open mind to the florist, since you may often leave having settled on something totally different to what you thought you might choose.

Your florist should be able to help suggest specific flowers if you have a colour scheme to follow and can also discuss cheaper options if the flowers you like are out of season at the time of year you plan marrying. Specific seasons lend themselves to certain colours so it’s a good idea if your wedding theme carries that through.

If you’re a real romantic you might like to choose flowers based on their symbolic meanings. Gardenias are popular the world over and their lovely large blooms look spectacular in a bouquet and stunning floating in glass bowls with candles. They symbolise purity and joy. The Freesia is native to South Africa and is a lovely flower to use within a bouquet or floral display. They look especially good at vintage weddings. They come in a wide range of colours such as lilac, yellow, red, orange and white and have a beautiful subtle fragrance. They symbolise innocence. The Arum Lily is also a popular choice amongst brides and their long straight stems work well in bridal bouquets. They are majestic and elegant and symbolise majesty, health and honour. Finally, you might like to think about carnations which are readily available. Light red flowers symbolise admiration, deep red, affection and true love and white carnations symbolise love and good fortune.

Keep in touch with your florist even if it’s only popping in briefly to say hello and finalise a meeting at least a week before your wedding date to check that you’re both still singing from the same hymn sheet.


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