Top Tips for Hiring a Live Band

Entertain your guests


Providing the right music for your wedding reception is crucial if the party is to go with a swing and all of the guests enjoy themselves. A live band, with a great vocal singer, is a good choice for your wedding since there’s nothing quite like the ambience created by live music to get the crowd excited and eager to get on the dance floor. Since hiring a live band is not something that most couples have experience of, here’s a few tips to help you on your way.


Start Early

Most good bands are booked well in advance, often over a year in advance, so time is of the essence. You’re more likely to be able to secure the band of your choice if you marriage is on a week day or out of season.


Word of mouth is often the best recommendation so ask around amongst friends and colleagues for some suggestions. Keep an open mind since what one person liked another may not, but at least you may have got yourself a good starting point.

Surf Online

Online websites are a great place to start your research and many sites will provide photos, videos and short music tracks to give you an idea of how professional they are. In addition the sites may well list the band’s repertoire which is well worth looking at. Finally, testimonials on site will give an indication of what other people thought of the band’s service and expertise.

Think of Your Guests

It’s important when choosing a band to think of your guests. It might be your special day but you need to consider the likes of your guests. You might well enjoy heavy metal but your 80 year old aunt, definitely won’t be a fan. Try and find a band who play a style of music which will appeal to the masses such as a tribute band for say, or Abba or a band that play 70’s soul music or disco.

Watch Them Play

The next most important thing is to watch your band in action. Most good bands play in public places as well as private parties, so head on town to where they are next playing and see whether you like them and the reaction from the audience.

Negotiate a Deal

Negotiate the best price you can with the band leader and ask for a written contract. Expect to pay a non returnable deposit to secure your booking.

Finalise Details

A couple of weeks before your wedding, call the band to confirm details of you wedding. Make sure their song list is appropriate and that they know what time to they need to arrive to set up their equipment. Also make sure you have agreed how long they are to play for. Remember they will need a break from playing so ask whether they have sound tracks to play during the break or whether you will need to hire a DJ to play for the intervals.


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