The Importance of Wedding Entertainment

Entertain your guests on the big day


Never under estimate the importance of wedding entertainment. People may remember certain parts of the wedding ceremony, they probably won’t recall the colours of the flowers or the sashes on the chairs, but they will remember the music, especially if it’s bad.


Your wedding music can make or break your wedding. It can transform a wedding ceremony into a romantic and moving occasion which evokes a few tears and it can set the party mood at your reception and get everyone up and grooving on the dance floor. It always seems strange that many couples will cut corners and compromise on the wedding music rather than other services. They will willingly splash out a small fortune on a photographer or exotic flowers and yet, when it comes to the music and entertainment, is seems to be price sensitive.

Your choice of wedding music sets the tone for the day and can tie in with your wedding theme, bringing it to life in a memorable fashion. How about an African choir to add a bit of ‘professionalism’ to the hymn singing, a steel band for a beach wedding, or a big band sound for a spot of swing or jazz. Your choice of wedding entertainment needs to cater to most people’s likes rather than a minority.

If you have friends who can sing or play an instrument you might like to invite them to sing a meaningful song at your wedding ceremony or play your favourite tune as you walk down the aisle.

The first dance traditionally performed by the bride and groom is always eagerly anticipated and it is the one song where the bride and groom are at liberty to make it truly personal to them. Choose the song which brings about special memories to you both. Such as the song you fell in love to, or a song which simply brings a smile to your lips. It’s important that you make sure that your live band know and can play the song to your liking, or that your DJ has that particular track.

Your wedding entertainment can also help to make your wedding flow and keep the guests occupied whilst you are having photographs taken or signing the register. A magician can mingle amongst guests wowing them with deceptive eye tricks or a string quartet could be playing whilst the canapés and champagne is being served.


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