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Everyone knows the tradition of the first dance where the newly married couple take to the floor. It’s supposed to serve as a reminder that the couple have just pledged themselves to each other for life and should be romantic and sweet.

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This special dance requires a degree of practice if you are both to look elegant and stylish on the dance floor. Any couple can hit the dance floor with grace and confidence. Here’s a few tips which will ensure that for just a few minutes, you and your loved one feel like the only two people on the earth, locked together and truly special.

Decide on a Special Song

You probably haven’t got this far yet, so now’s the time to start thinking about they type of dance you’re interested in and choose your music from there. You might want to grace the floor with a romantic and classical waltz or perhaps you’d rather speed it up a bit with a fox trot. Perhaps you want to add a touch of drama with a tango. You might even consider a spot of salsa, or a hot rumba with plenty of swaying and hip action. You might prefer to settle for a simple slow dance, and that’s fine.

Beat and Rhythm

When choosing your song try and select one that has a steady beat which is easy to hear and follow. Also don’t choose a club version of your favourite track which drones on for 15 minutes or so. Your guests want to be entertained not bored. If you decide on a specific type of dance, then you may need to invest in a few dance lessons to perfect your steps. Again, this decision depends upon the willingness of your groom and how much time you can commit.

How Does the First Dance Begin and End?

Your DJ or wedding band leader will announce the beginning of the dance, which is when the newly weds take to the floor. Tradition has it that at some point the bride’s father steps in. It can be during a new song or the one playing. The groom then asks the bride’s mother to dance. Following this the groom’s father and the bride dance together whilst the bride’s father dances with his wife. The groom then escorts his mother to the dance floor. After this, the groom dances with the brides maid of honour and the bride gets to dance with the best man. Once all of this has taken place the rest of the guests join in as one happy, dancing group.

Your wedding day is full of wonderful memories, so relax and have fun. Remember the first dance is what you want it to be. It’s your wedding so consider it a ritual not a performance.


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