Top Tips on Holding an Outdoor Wedding

Planning your big day outdoors


Getting married barefoot on the beach or in a tropical garden certainly sounds romantic and alluring, but what if the weather turns sour on you, what then? If you’re planning an outdoor wedding there’s many important factors to consider.

Hanging lanterns

The Vital Plan B

The weather can often be unpredictable even in Cape Town at the height of Summer so it always pays to have a Plan B. We’ve all woken up to a gorgeous December morning and planned a picnic, only for the clouds to darken and the rain fall as we were about to get out the picnic basket, right? Fortunately we were able to dash into a nearby shelter for cover.

Hot Temperatures

If you planning on getting married on the western Cape, bear in mind that temperatures can be as high as 40°C so you need to give some serious consideration to keeping your guests cool and comfortable. If your guests are coming from abroad and aren’t used to such high temperatures they would definitely appreciate some shade and some long cold thirst quenching drinks would be more than welcome. A small gesture such as some pretty fans to keep the ladies cool would be a nice idea too.

Marquee Planning

If you’re renting an open sided marquee then look into the option of having side walls in the event of if turning chilly or blowy or alternatively the option of removing the walls should it urn out hot and balmy. If you’re hiring a walled in marquee, then you might need to factor the cost of an air conditioning unit into your budget, to keep your guests cool.

Picnic Wedding

A picnic wedding sounds laid back and fun, but again there’s more to think about than first meets the eye. For example, where are the guests going to sit? Will you need to supply lots of blankets? If you’ve got elderly guests they may not be able to lower themselves down on to blankets. In addition your guests will probably dress extremely casually since they won’t want to be sitting on the grass in their best clothes. Can your caterer supply enough baskets for everyone?

Beach Weddings

Many couples fail to take into consideration that beaches are mostly public areas which means your wedding could be witnessed by just about anyone who happens to be there. No drinking of alcohol is allowed on public beaches and heavens help if you should have to evacuate speedily because the tide was coming in! You also need to remember to get permission from the City Council.

When you consider all of the extras that may need to be included in an outdoor wedding such as table and chair hire, marquees, air conditioning units, or umbrellas for everyone, you might just prefer to settle for an indoor venue with al fresco dining arrangements.


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