Tips for Ensuring that Your Reception Runs Smoothly

Planning the perfect day


It goes without saying that every bride wants their wedding to run smoothly and in order for this to happen there has to be a lot of behind the scenes planning and practising. If your budget allows you might be better to hire a wedding co-ordinator since they can handle all the stress of the day, leaving you to concentrate on looking your best and having the time of your life. They will make sure that the service providers arrive on time, that the venue is set up and look after your guests.

However, if you choose to do the planning yourself, here’s a few tips to ensure the day runs smoothly.


Set Up the Day Before

Not all venues allow this and some may ask for an extra fee, but if you possibly can then arrange for as much as you can to be done the day before. Tables can be laid and set with crockery and cutlery, chairs can be put in place and some of the décor can be arranged. Things like flowers and even candles need until the day of the wedding.

Don’t Get Involved on the Day

By all means help the day before, but on the actual day you need to be concentrating on getting your hair and make up done and not stressing about flower arrangements or table settings. The last thing that is wanted is for the bride running around with only a few minutes to spare in which to get ready.

Make a Schedule for the Day

Write out a schedule for the day, including the times that service suppliers should be arriving. Make sure to include the name and contact phone number of each supplier in case of any problems. You will need to write out this schedule a couple of days in advance and give it to someone you trust who can take charge of everything. Yes, some things may run late, but at least the schedule will make it easier to keep track of things.

Practice Speeches

Make sure that everyone has practised their speeches and knows approximately how long they have to speak. Send everyone taking part in the ceremony and reception a schedule with their tasks and timings highlighted so that they know exactly when they have their part to play.

Organise Someone to Help You Dress

Have a dress rehearsal with someone you trust to help get you into and out of your wedding gown. This is especially vital if you have corset style lacing to deal with!

Finally, take a deep breath and enjoy yourself.


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