Alternative Ideas for the Wedding Breakfast

Make your wedding stand out from the crowd


If you’re planning your South African wedding and you want to make it unique and memorable, then how about steering clear of the tradition 3 course dinner and surprising your guests with some more unusual and creative ideas?

Wedding picnic

Mountain Top Breakfast

A mountain holiday resort company could help organise this and it would be lovely for a small intimate wedding. Ask your guests to meet at the resort and then whisk them away by helicopter to the mountain top where a beautiful breakfast table has already been set up. The bride and groom would arrive last and be married high in the sky. If you can’t get helicopters, you may be able to organise 4 x 4 vehicles that could transport you all to an equally stunning location in the open.

Country Mansion Garden Party

How about serving high tea to your wedding guests around 4 pm on a warm summer afternoon which would mean your wedding ceremony taking place around 2:30 pm. Imagine a stately mansion, perfectly manicured gardens, silver tea pots, pretty china and cake stands. Think petit fours, elegant sandwiches, scones and cream...bliss!

Laid Back Picnic

Warm lazy summer afternoons lend themselves to picnics and offer a laid back alternative to those on a budget. There’s not too much stress or planning involved and you could do it yourself or arrange for a wedding planner to put all the details together. Many venues offer picnic facilities and provide wonderful picnic baskets for the adults as well as interesting and colourful ones for the kids. You could bring along some crayons and colouring books to keep the kids occupied whilst the adults kick off their shoes and enjoy a glass of bubbly. The scenery would also make for some lovely photo opportunities.

Outdoor Barbecue

An outdoor barbecue is also a great idea for an informal wedding and nothing beats the smell of sausages sizzling in the open air. You could hire a chef to do all of the cooking or even rope in friends and family to bring along some salads, breads, and desserts to fill up the buffet table.

Botswana Wedding Breakfast

If you’re planning a small intimate wedding this idea might be your sort of thing. Imagine Botswana, lanterns, romance, bush, a large open sky and an African sunset. The honeymoon could be in a luxury retreat somewhere in the tree tops. A few hand picked guests could be served sundowners as you arrive by elephant back. The buffet table would be laden down with tropical fruits, and wonderfully marinated fish and meat dishes. Priceless!


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