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Have you consdiered a cake of cheese


If you’re not wild about butter cream and jam and you are not fussed about fruit cake, here is a little bit about a growing trend in an alternative to the traditional wedding cake.

For those who do not really have a sweet tooth and want something different and unique, there is the cheese cake. You’ve got it — a cake made purely of cheese.

They are the very latest trend for weddings and are proving an attractive alternative option to the usual cake covered in icing. They can even be a more frugal option if you are sticking to a tight budget. If the cutting of the cake comes straight after the wedding breakfast, you could count it within the cheese course. And should you have any cheese left over it can be kept in the fridge for weeks. The cheese wedding cake then becomes a waste-free option!

The cheese wedding cakes present delicious alternatives to the traditional fruit cake and with the vast amount of cheeses available, there is bound to be something to suit everybody’s taste.

When designing your cheese cake, take into consideration the number of guests, your personal taste in cheese and your colour theme. Talk to a specialist to ensure you choose the right cheese in terms of the cake’s taste and overall appearance — if it gets a little warm at the reception you don’t want the tiers sinking into each other! Hard cheeses are best on the bottom and of an adequate diameter to hold up the upper tiers. The top tier cheeses advised are usually a Camembert and goat’s cheese.

You may be thinking great lumps of cheese stacked on top of each other won’t be the most striking item on the table, we understand appearance can be just as important as taste, but there are various color combinations to choose from and if you decorate your cheese cake well, it is bound to be the centre of attention.

You could decorate yours with fresh fruit, baby tomatoes and olives, kiwi fruit and grapes or consider ivy, flowers to match the wedding or foliage. You might also want to serve a variety of chutneys to go with your cheesecake.


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