Tips on Transporting Your Wedding Cake

Getting your cake safely to the venue


Wherever possible I would wholly recommend that you pay any additional charges that your cake maker may require for delivery. Let her worry about getting it there in one piece! However, if delivery is simply not an option, then here are a few tips to make sure your cake doesn’t arrive badly damaged.


Always assemble the cake when you get to the reception and pack each tier separately. The best thing is to place each tier in a separate box or cake tin as close to the size of the cake as possible, so there is no room for movement. Never put the cake on the back seat of your car but place it onto a non slip mat or even a towel on a flat surface. Pack all the decorations separately. Never be tempted to move a pillared cake assembled, since trust me, those corners and turns on the way to the reception will wreak havoc with the placement of the pillars.

Make sure you know the distance to the reception venue and aim to be there three or four hours before the guests are due to arrive to give you time to assemble the cake.

Phone the venue before you set out and ask if they can lend you a trolley cart to move the cake from your car to the reception room.

Drive slowly and avoid any sudden jerks or braking. A non slip mat should prevent the cakes from moving.

Make sure you bring a supply of icing with you (the same as used for the cake), a piping bag and nozzles, spatulas and extra decorations or fresh flowers to replace any that might have got damaged during transit. Take your time and assemble the cake in the place that it is to remain, so that you don’t have to move it again.

Once the cake has been assembled be sure to let the events manager know so that the cake is looked after and no members of staff accidentally bump into it whilst setting up the room.

Take a camera with you and take a shot of the cake just to prove how it was looking when you left. This covers your back should anything happen to it, and you get the blame.


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