Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Cake

Choosing the perfect cake


The wedding cake is one of the show piece features of any wedding and can serve to set the theme and tone of your wedding. Nowadays there’s a wide range of styles, flavours and fillings to suit all tastes and budgets, the difficulty is knowing where to begin.



As with all aspects of your wedding, unfortunately the budget will probably dictate your choice. So know how much you can realistically spend and then discuss with your baker whether they can work within your budget and any cost cutting methods they may have, such as simplifying the design.

Guest List

Finalising your guest list is a must as only then will you know what size of cake to order. If you’re a little unsure of numbers settle for a couple of tiers and ask your baker to make a tray bake which can be cut out of view of the guests should the 2 tiers be insufficient.

Get Inspired

Making a mood board can point you and your baker in the right direction. Cut out any pictures of styles that you like from magazines, add fabric swatches from the bridesmaids dresses. Think about flavours that you like, as well as the time of day and season that you are getting married.

Choose a Speciality Baker

Make sure you seek out a baker who is experienced in baking wedding cakes. Often referred to as pâtissières they will have undergone specific training. She or he should be able to give advice and add input to help you choose your cake.

The Taste Test

A good pâtissière should offer a tasting test, usually by appointment, and will make up several small cakes for you to sample. As well as looking amazing, you want the cake to taste good, so always make sure you try before you place an order.

Ordering your cake

You should order your cake at least six months in advance, especially if you are getting married in the popular summer months. Fruit cakes are always baked well in advance but sponges generally only a couple of days beforehand.

Hot Wedding Cake Trends


These are very popular and offer more versatility when it comes to choosing a few flavour combinations to please all of your guests

Chocolate Cake

This is starting to grow in popularity and is far removed from the traditional white iced cake

Deconstructed Wedding Cake

Rather than assembled one above the other, the tiers are separated and displayed on different heights of floating cake stands

Shapely Cake

Rather than round or rectangle, cakes are often baked in hexagonal or octagonal shapes for informal or unconventional weddings

Something Old, Something New

A mixture of sleek contemporary styling with traditional lace work. The background colours may be soft and muted whilst overlaid with dark colour such as black or chocolate, which gives a dramatical, textured look to the cake.


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