Questions to ask Your Wedding Cake Maker

Getting all the information you need


Choosing your wedding cake is exciting and as it is one of the most eagerly anticipated sights of the wedding after the wedding dress, you want to ensure your cake is just what you want and that it has the wow factor to impress your guests.


Before choosing who is to bake your cake, it’s best to arm yourself with a list of questions to ensure that you get exactly what you have asked for and don’t incur any unexpected additional charges.

Here’s a list of questions you may want to ask:

Do you bake custom cakes or are there set styles to choose from?

Ask to see some photos of cakes which the baker has made for other brides. If you have a particular style in mind, then take along some pictures cut out of magazines and some fabric swatches of the colours you would like included in the design.

What choices of filling are included and what ingredients do you use?

Whether you’re looking for a chocolate or mocha filling or a light fruit filling such as strawberry or orange, the choice of ingredients will make all the difference to the final taste. Commonly used ingredients include fruit purees and butter cream. The better the ingredients the more the cake will cost, but it will taste better.

How long in advance will my cake be made and decorated?

Obviously the nearer to the wedding date the better but due to the complicated nature of wedding cakes, they may take 3 to 5 days to complete.

Are you able to liaise with my florist if I want fresh flowers on my cake or will it be up to me to deliver the flowers to you?

How are your wedding cakes priced?

Usually it is a cost per slice but with more intricate designs or specialised fillings, the cost is likely to increase.

Do you offer a delivery service?

Some bakers will deliver the cake to your reception venue and charge an additional fee although some will ask that you arrange for someone to pick it up from them. If you’re ordering an intricate cake with several tiers, I would always recommend arranging delivery, if at all possible.

Will the delivery person set up my cake and make any emergency repairs?

How much deposit is required and when is the final balance payable?

Do you rent out cake stands and a cake cutting knife?

Can you supply me with a written proposal?


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