Cupcakes or Traditional Wedding Cake?

Deciding on your perfect cake


Wedding cakes have long been a tradition and back in Roman times the cake was actually smashed over the head of the bride! Fortunately this doesn’t happen nowadays and whilst a wedding cake is still one of the show pieces of the wedding, a popular trend is for couples to have a cupcake style of wedding cake in place of the more traditional iced, tiered cake. So what’s your favourite?


To help you decide which type of cake suits your wedding, it might be helpful to have a look at some pros and cons for both styles.

Cupcake Pros

  • You would expect cup cakes to be cheaper, and sometimes they are, but some bakers are cottoning on to the fact that there is often more work involved in making 100 individual cup cakes, often with different flavours and fillings, than there is in making 3 tiers.
  • If you’re planning on making the wedding cake yourself, then cup cakes are easier to manage at home in your kitchen and don’t require such a high level of skill.
  • Cupcakes are extremely versatile and give you more options when it comes to colour and icing options and can be tied in well with a particular wedding theme.
  • Cup cakes suit an informal wedding as guests can simply help themselves and even eat them whilst grooving on the dance floor.
  • Cup cakes are whimsical and fun, and having your own little cake to unwrap takes you back to your childhood.

Cupcake Cons

  • A cupcake can’t be considered in the cut caking ceremony and many couples end up with a small traditional cake for this part of the proceedings.
  • If you’ve opted to make the cup cakes yourself, they can be extremely time consuming to decorate and one extra chore to stress you out before your wedding.
  • Cupcakes may not impress everyone and can look too casual at a formal wedding. Some guests may think they look cheap whereas others will love them.

Traditional Wedding Cake Pros

  • This type of cake suits a formal wedding and has more of a wow factor than a cup cake style of wedding cake.
  • If you love tradition then this type of cake has this in abundance.
  • The top of the cake has plenty of room for a cake topper or a vase of fresh flowers.
  • The top tier of the cake is kept for the first anniversary and you can’t do this with cupcakes.

Traditional Wedding Cake Cons

  • A tiered cake is more difficult to transport to the reception and harder to set up than cup cakes.
  • Not as versatile as cup cakes.


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