Ways to Keep Down the Cost of Your Wedding Reception

Keeping your costs down


Most couples allow around half of their total wedding budget for the reception which depending on your total budget, may still not cover everything that you have dreamed of. However, there are some ways in which you can cut the costs of your wedding reception with just a little ingenuity and forethought. Here’s some ideas which might help.

Piggy bank

Reduce the Guest List

This really is the key tip to saving costs since guests cost money and this has an effect right the way through your wedding. Less guests mean less invitations, less tables and table settings, fewer wedding favours and less food and alcohol. It’s not necessary to include “and guest” on an invitation to single friends and your don’t have to invite daddy’s work colleagues.

Day vs Night

When you consider an evening wedding usually kicks off around 3.30 pm and goes until midnight, that’s about 8 hours spent watering, feeding and entertaining your guests, which all costs money. Why not think about the popular trend of an early morning wedding. A breakfast or brunch will cost considerably less than a 3 course dinner and evening buffet and also less alcohol is likely to be consume at that time of day.

Vintage Wedding

You could take a step back in time to the fifties when weddings usually took place on a Saturday afternoon. They often took place around 2 pm and consisted of dainty sandwiches, petit fours and cake. This would be followed by cocktails and dancing with the wedding couple leaving for their honeymoon around 7pm.

Winter Wedding

There’s a lot to be said for holding winter weddings. Most venues are honeymoon locations are cheaper at this time of the year and a romantic ambience can easily be achieved with the use of log fires, candles and attractive winter berries and foliage. Many service providers offer special winter rates and you’ll be surprised at the special deals that many 5 star hotels put on in the winter season.

Cut Down on Courses

If you’re determined to have a sit down meal for 100 guests, then you can easily cut down on courses or serve a really simple menu. Try using the wedding cake as an alternative to the dessert to be served with coffee.

Save on the Tab

Finally, limit the drinks you serve to table or sparkling wines and have a cash bar for anyone wishing to partake of something different.


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