Money Saving Tips for a Fantastic Wedding on a Budget

Planning your wedding on a budget


Money saving when talking about your wedding could conjure up images of having a cup of tea in your parent’s front room with a plate of cake balanced on your knee. However, saving money doesn’t mean throwing away the image of your perfect wedding day, it simply means being creative, and having some foresight to create a personalised and stunning wedding that is unique to you.


Pick Your Date Carefully

The day, month and season can play a huge part in the cost of your wedding. Ask around and if you can get your venue and honeymoon cheaper off season then my advice would be to go for it. It also has the advantage of being cheaper for your guests to travel and book accommodation. What’s more it can lend itself to a theme, as you could go with a harvest festival theme in the autumn and a fairy tale snow wedding in the winter. In addition you can take advantage of the sales just after Christmas and get some amazing discounts on crockery, stationery and linens.

Search for the Best Prices

You must make a budget for the specific items such as dress, cake, invitations, wedding favours and so forth and then stick to it. You might have to do a lot of shopping and asking around, but you will eventually land the price that you are willing to pay. It may involve visiting second hand shops, antique stores and even flea markets. When searching for your wedding dress don’t be afraid to ask whether the stores have any clearance items or damaged dresses. Often the damage is minimal and involves little more than sewing up a hem or stitching on a button.


If you’re in the slightest bit creative then have a go at making items for your wedding such as the stationery, invitations and favours. Not only can you save money but you can inject your personality and put a unique stamp on your wedding day.

Involve Friends and Family

The chances are that you have someone near and dear to you who can sew, bake, or apply make up. You may even have friends who can sing or play instruments. Don’t be nervous about asking them to help with certain aspects of your wedding. If you feel awkward asking them then ask that they offer their services in lieu of a wedding gift.


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