Bridal Make-up Tips

Fantastic make up tips for your big day


If there’s one occasion that calls for you to look your very best then it’s your wedding day and it may just pay you to invest in the services of a make up artist. Not only do they have the skills needed to transform you into a blushing bride but they also have professional products and tools of the trade. If you’re happier to do your own make up on the day or you’re looking to save some money, then here’s some tips to help you look and feel amazing.


You’ve probably got the basics of applying make up like foundation, mascara, lipstick, that sort of thing but most brides need some advice on the detailing needed to give her a natural and romantic look. Most high end make up counters will do a make over for you which doesn’t actually cost but normally consists of you buying some of the products they used. If you tell them that you want a natural bridal look they will show you ways to apply your make up to achieve that look and which products to use. You can then have a test drive on your hen night, if necessary, to make sure that you get it right on the day.

Aim for a Natural Look

When the term ‘natural’ is used for a bride it doesn’t mean going bare faced it means using make up to naturally enhance the features without looking overdone. It goes without saying that the skin should be cleansed and moisturised before applying make up and then it is always best to use a primer before applying foundation this evens out the skin tone and makes the make up last longer. A tip when choosing your foundation is to steer clear of ones containing SPF as they don’t work well with flash photography.

To Stay Picture Perfect all Day

To keep your make up looking great all day a blot powder such as Mac is recommended plus a lip colour on hand for touch ups. To prevent shine the blot powder should be dabbed on the areas where you don’t want shine such as the nose, chin and forehead. The tears are bound to flow on the day and although make up is waterproof, there’s only so many tears your make up can handle so if the worse happens and your make up runs, dab at it rather than wiping to avoid smudges.

Wear a Waterproof Mascara

Even if you think you won’t cry during your wedding day it always makes sense to wear a waterproof mascara just in case. The best way to repair smudged mascara is to use a tiny bit of make up remover on the end of a cotton wool bud.


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