Applying Your Make-up on the Big Day

Which look will you choose?


Whether you are having your wedding make-up applied by a professional or you are doing it yourself, deciding on the style of make-up you have can be dependent on a number of things – the theme of your wedding, your own personal style and even your wedding gown. We have selected five popular make-up styles to help make the decision a little easier.

dramatic make up


Create a dramatic look for your big day with a deep lip colour and dramatic eye make-up. If you are going to have a striking red lipstick, then think carefully about what will suit your skin tone. If you have very fair skin then red lipsticks with blue undertones will suit you best, whereas darker skin tones should instead go for reds with more deep purple undertones. If you are applying your own wedding make-up then experiment with a few ideas before you select your chosen shade. Complete your dramatic look with black liquid eyeliner to define your eyes.

glamorous make up


A glamorous look is all about adding a bit of shimmer and shine to your look. Add an extra bit of sparkle to smokey eyes by using a top layer of shadow that has a little bit of shimmer, just ensure you don’t go over the top. For your lips pick a gorgeous base shade to use but then enhance this with a high-shine lip-gloss to help add an ultra-glam feel. You are sure to be doing plenty of kissing on the big day! So keep your glamorous look topped up throughout the day by having your lip-gloss to hand.

natural make up


If in your usual day-to-day life you don’t wear a great deal of make-up then an over made-up look on your wedding day may not look quite right for you. So instead opt for a more natural look – find a shade of foundation perfect for your skin tone and apply lightly, a foundation sponge will be perfect for this as it allows you to create great coverage with just a small amount of product. Keep your eye make-up simple with a neutral toned eye-shadow and a coat of mascara and then add some extra shine with a clear lip-gloss you can apply throughout the day.

polished make up


Some brides simply want to look like a more polished version of themselves on their big day. To achieve this look invest in some good quality products to apply on the big day. A primer used under your foundation will help to set your make-up and stop it from coming off easily. As you apply your mascara ensure you apply to the top and bottom of your lashes to give a slightly more defined look than usual. And keep that bridal glow with a swirl of blusher on the apples of your cheeks.

colourful make up


Create a more unusual look by adding a flash of colour to your wedding make-up – this look works really well on brides that want to show their unique and quirky side. To avoid looking like a rainbow, try and stick to one or two colours for your colourful look and keep the rest of your make-up classic and neutral. For example if you are having an orange and yellow themed big day, then a shimmer of orangey gold eye-shadow will give you a really unique look when applied correctly. Colourful make-up is a bold step so ensure you are 100% comfortable with the look before you decide on this.


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