Tips on Planning the Perfect Bachelorette or Bachelor Party

Planning the perfect party


The bachelorette night and bachelor night are an age old tradition and it’s well worth remembering the old saying ‘fail to plan and plan to fail’. If it has fallen on your shoulders to arrange the party, here’s a few tips to help ensure that your evening is memorable for all of the right reasons.

bachelorette party

Who to Invite?

The first thing is to ask the bachelorette or bachelor who they would like to share their party with. Who do they really want to come and who do they not like. Try to ensure that all of the guests involved are sociable and will do their best to get on with the other guests. Should you invite the fathers to the bachelor’s do or the mothers to the bachelorette’s do? This is a tricky one and if it looks like being a problem, then it might be better to organise two separate parties, with a smaller party for parents and family, down the pub or at a restaurant.

Keep the Numbers Sensible

Try to keep the numbers to within 10-15, any more and you’ll begin to feel like a sheep herder trying to keep everyone together. Large groups can often break up into small cliques which isn’t what you’re looking for. Ideally you need a number of guests that will bond together throughout the entire evening.

Plan the Date

Naturally you need to set a date plenty of time in advance so that guests can keep that date free in their diaries. Normally the parties would be held somewhere between a couple of weeks and a month before the wedding, but you will need to do your planning well in advance of this.

Budget, Destination, Activities

Once you have a better idea of who is coming then you can work out where to go, what to do and how much it is going to cost. If you’re all up for a weekend away, and a couple of people are a little hard up, then either you’ll have to be a little less ambitious, other people will have to chip in more, or they might have to drop out altogether, but this last option really doesn’t have a warm and friendly vibe to it.

Finally, be responsible. Naturally there’s going to be plenty of drinking involved, so just make sure that you organise transport and that everyone gets home safely. If the party is held very close to the wedding, then make sure there is sufficient time for the bachelorette or bachelor to make a full recovery so that they can look and feel their best for the big day.


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