Ice Breakers for Bachelorette and Bachelor Parties

Break the ice


Because bachelor and bachelorette parties often consist of different generations and people who don’t know each other, it’s a good idea to have a couple of ice breaker ideas to get everyone talking to each other.


Who Am I?

This is a great game for either bachelorettes or bachelors and a good way of getting your guests all talking to each other. Before the party starts make a list of well known couples either real or fictional, such as David and Victoria Beckham, Micky and Minnie Mouse, which your guests are bound to know. Write the names on separate name badges and pin one to each person’s back (without showing them) as they arrive. The idea is for them to go around asking the other guests questions which can only be answered with a “yes” or “no” such as “Am I a male?”, “Am I a fictional character?” Once they have guessed their character they have to find their partner. The game is over once everyone has found their other half.

Truth or Lies

Another game which can be played by bachelors or bachelorettes is truth or lies. Each guest has to stand up and introduce themselves and tell the other guests 3 things about themselves. 2 must be the truth and the other is a lie. The guests then shout out or write down which one they think is the lie.

You’re Embarrassing Me!

Another good ice breaker and one which raises quite a few laughs is for each person to stand up and recount a funny story about the bride or groom or something which they did together. It may not be so good for the bride or groom but they’ll have plenty of other times to reap their revenge.

Dressing Up

Finally, choosing a theme so that you can all dress up can act as a really good ice breaker and depending on the theme can be quite comical. Ideas which spring to mind could be the men all dressing up as Superman or James Bond or the girls all dressing up as Cat woman or Jessica Rabbit.


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