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The Bachelorette Party sometimes referred to as ‘The Kitchen Tea’ in South Africa is all about the women having lots of fun, giggling and bonding together. It’s the bride’s chance to celebrate her last night of single status with some of her best friends and family.

Hen party

Once you’ve planned the venue it’s time to consider a few choice party games to get the party going. At this point you need to consider who the guests are, since if the mother of the bride is going to be present, there may be a few games that she wouldn’t approve of. Particularly if they involve the removal of clothes or other men!

Rather than play several games in a row, split them up during the early part of the evening, perhaps having one before you all go out, one at the restaurant (before or after dinner) and maybe one final game later in the club. The main thing is to keep the games simple and don’t include anything which involves carrying around too many props.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

How Well Does She Know Her Groom

This would have involved asking the groom’s family for the answers before the night of the party. Obvious questions include such things as his favourite food, colour, his birth sign, best friend, but the trick is asking questions that she is unlikely to know. For each question she gets wrong give her a forfeit.

Pin the Macho on the Man

We’ve all played pin the tail on the donkey, but how about replacing the donkey with a male hunk and instead of pinning the tail, pin the willy in the appropriate place. This is an outrageously funny and saucy Bachelorette night game.

Bachelorette’s Scavenger Night

Make a list before the party of some items which the bride has to collect during the evening. These can include such things as a male’s business card, a chest hair, pair of briefs or boxers, a man to buy her a drink, a man who will sing to her, she has to bite off a man’s shirt button, and ask a man to dance with her. This can be great fun and it’s a good idea to have someone take a photo of each man that was game enough to take part in the scavenger hunt and makes for a great photo album of the evening.


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