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Bachelorette parties have long been a tradition and it’s a great time for the bride to spend some fun time with a group of friends. Here are a few ideas for some Bachelorette party activities;

Party ideas

Full Day Spa

This is one of my personal favourites and it bound to appeal to women of all ages. It’s a great chance to enjoy every type of treatment imaginable whilst enjoying some food and wine together. Why not make a weekend of it and book in at a spa that’s out of town.

Pole Dancing

Pole dancing classes may sound a bit lewd, but trust me, women of all ages and fitness levels can have a lot of fun with this one and learn some sizzling moves on the pole. It soon gets the girls giggling and bonding together as well.

Cocktail Making Classes

You might know the difference between a Margarita and a Mojito but can you make one? Cocktail classes are fun and what’s more you get to drink your creations.

Photo Shoots

Dressing up for a photo shoot with some of your best mates is good fun and also makes a nice keepsake. As an alternative you could all opt for a boudoir shot where you dress up (or undress) for some really sexy shots that will get your other half all hot under the collar!

Cookery Lessons

Now this one is handy for anyone who struggles to even boil and egg. You might even be able to extend it into a weekend away.

Girls Night In

You may all prefer a girls night in which case here are a few suggestions:

Belly Dancing Parties

These include a demonstration, lesson and practice and are great fun. Everyone will feel at ease as the lesson is done as a group so no one feels self conscious.

Lingerie Party

Again, this is a fun one where the girls can try on the clothing and have some laughs. It’s also a chance to stock up on some sexy honeymoon lingerie.

These are just a few ideas which we you may enjoy. When planning your Bachelorette party just be careful to organise the activity depending on who you have invited and not the other way round. Everyone wants to have fun and no-one wants to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable, so choose your activities wisely.


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