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The bachelor party is a time for the groom to spend some time with his best mates celebrating his last day of being single and possibly doing some activities which his future wife may not approve of. Everyone’s got their own ideas of how to spend the bachelor evening and quite often in South Africa this involves a whole host of activities before the evening party kicks off. Things such as lunch together, go karting, visiting a casino and playing some pranks on the bridegroom.

Quite often thoughts will turn to a strip club or of having a stripper visit wherever you may be. Whilst this is often a popular idea, it’s always worth having checked with the bridegroom that this is something he would be happy with. Remember it’s his party and it’s not about having him feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.

Here are a few ideas for the bachelor party:

Outside Adventures

There’s nothing like an extreme outdoor adventure to get the adrenalin flowing and help you bond together as a group. Companies such as Outsidedege Adventures organise activities such as abseiling, kloofing, river rafting, quad bikes and horse riding or combinations of activities. Packages suit all budgets and can last for a couple of hours or a whole weekend and include food and accommodation.

Paintballing or Laser Paintball

This is always popular with the guys although the laser paintball is not quite so messy but still really good fun.

Canopy Tours

These are great for thrill seekers and offer unforgettable adventures as you slide from one platform to another along a series of steel cables. You’ll get some fantastic views whilst whizzing over waterfalls and taking in the bird life.

High Speed Rally Driving/Motor Racing

This is usually offered as a compact driving course where you’ll experience a white knuckle rode being driver round the circuit at a competitive pace by a professional driver and then given some tuition and a chance to drive yourself around.


If you’re in or around Cape town how about spending the day at Ratanga seeing how many times you can ride the ‘Cobra’ or are you brave enough to face the ‘Sling Shot’.

Don’t forget to choose activities that will appeal to everyone and if there’s a cost involved, then make sure you check that everyone is ok with the budget before you book anything. Just remember the day is all about male bonding and making sure that the groom has the time of his life and a day to remember.


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