Libethna & Gideon's Real Wedding

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Libethna &amp; Gideon&#39;s Real Wedding - Road Trip Honeymoon

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As a gift from Libethna’s grandparents, the bride and groom took a road trip to the Midlands for their honeymoon, the day after the wedding. Libethna took a trip to the same area just before she met her husband, falling in love with peaceful scenery before falling in love with him.

With those idyllic memories in mind, it seemed the perfect place to revisit, this time with Gideon. “Luxurious and breath-taking”, the pair spent their time enjoying the beautiful surroundings, shopping and adventuring. From finding Nguni cows on their doorstep to wandering through the lush, green countryside; this was a wonderful place to enjoy being married.


Gideon & Libethna's supplier list

Photography by:  Light Label

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