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A photo is a FEELING, a moment in time, captured in a frame, expressing  EMOTION. The challenge lies within capturing this emotion. This is the inspiration, the drive -  TO TAKE THE ORDINARY AND GIVE IT LIFE. When holding my camera in my hands, I become part of the instrument; it guides me and teaches me to 'see'. I become one with the Universe and I'm led to understand why.

In a brief moment, by pressing the button, I capture experiences and feelings, FRAMED IN PERFECTION. Call it what you will, but for me it is  DIVINE. I can see what the Universe is showing me and I have to capture it, this is my calling. Every fiber in me tells me this is who and what I am; I see it in the eyes of those who allow me to photograph them, those who allow me to see their soul.  I have been given a gift and will use it with  PASSION.

To capture vulnerability, heartbreak, love, when trusted to, is the most rewarding gift a photographer can receive. This trust is what every photographer strives for. The eye is the window to the soul; a great privilege to capture such a sacred moment.

Anne Grace Photography

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