Ulyana & Andrey's Real Wedding

Ulyana and Andrey met at a party, and Ulyana was charmed by how much of a gentleman Andrey was. They chatted all evening and it went from there – within a year and four months they were planning their beautiful and intimate outdoor wedding!

Andrey & Ulyana-The Happy Couple

After they met, Andrey asked Ulyana out for lunch, but as he never took her phone number, she didn’t really think anything of it. However, a few days later she received a Facebook message from him and from that moment on they didn’t stop talking! Ulyana describes them as ‘two halves you can’t separate’.

It was a mutual decision to get married after over a year together, and they’d even chosen a venue, when one day the couple came home and began preparing dinner. Ulyana was putting the chicken pies in the oven, and she turned around to see Andrey on one knee with a box in his hand. He then asked her to be his wife, and gave her the most beautiful ring she’d ever seen.

It was just the two of them, in their own home, and it was the most romantic proposal Ulyana could have wished for. 

Andrey & Ulyana's Wedding on 30 Mar 2013

Photography by: Nostalgia Photography

Wedding venue: House Higgo

Andrey & Ulyana's supplier list

Photography by:  Nostalgia Photography

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