Teagan-Leigh & Louwrens's Real Wedding

Teagan-Leigh & Louwrens's Real Wedding - Groomswear


The couple found picking Louwrens’s outfit the easiest part of the wedding planning. They both agreed that he would wear a classic black suit, a white shirt and a silver waistcoat, which he teamed with a pale pink tie. Teagan-Leigh and Louwrens visited Markham’s one afternoon to try on some suits to get an idea of what suited him and what worked, before they got one tailor made…or at least, that was the plan!

Forty minutes later they left the store having bought the perfect suit! The slim fitting suit fitted the groom as though it was tailor made for him, and they both agreed it would be silly to spend money on a tailor made suit when they’d found one so perfect already. His groomsmen dressed the same as him, but with a darker coloured waistcoat to differentiate.

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Teagan-Leigh & Louwrens's Real Wedding on 01 Dec 2012

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Photography by:  Andy Wayne Photography

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