Nazeemah & Khaleel's Real Wedding

After meeting at work, Nazeemah and Khaleel really hit it off and after spending two years together, Khaleel asked Nazeemah to be his wife. The couple then spent nine months planning their special day – photographed by Radz Photography.

Khaleel & Nazeemah-The Happy Couple

Nazeemah and Khaleel met at work, Khaleel had joined in a different department on the same floor as Nazeemah and she immediately noticed him, unbeknown to Nazeemah, Khaleel had noticed her too and would walk to the printer every day just to see her! It wasn’t until a work colleague told Nazeemah that Khaleel had said he thought she was the most beautiful girl in the building that she realised he liked her too. The couple then went on a lunch date together and Nazeemah knew she had found the one.
After two years of dating Khaleel proposed on a summer’s day on the beach and the couple then spent nine months planning their wedding day which was all photographed beautifully by Radz Photography.

Khaleel & Nazeemah's Wedding on 29 Mar 2014

Photography by: Radz Photography

Wedding venue: Sea Point Civic Centre

Khaleel & Nazeemah's supplier list

Photography by:  Radz Photography

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