Michelle & Wilhelm's Real Wedding

Michelle and Wilhelm became husband and wife in an intimate and beautiful wedding at the Leipzig Country House Chapel, surrounded by 60 of their closest friends and family. It was a chilly day, but Michelle didn’t notice as she was too wrapped up in the magnificent moment.

Wilhelm & Michelle-The Newlyweds

Wilhelm knew Michelle’s brother through work, and had seen the two of them together sometimes. He assumed they were boyfriend and girlfriend and one day told Michelle’s brother what a nice girlfriend he had. He laughed and corrected him, and after that the couple found they were seeing each other around a bit more.

One day Michelle saw his car at the mall and decided to park next to it. They left at the same time, from different exits and Wilhelm realised he couldn’t ignore the opportunity so ran to catch up with Michelle as she approached their cars and finally asked for her number! The rest was history...

After four years together, Wilhelm left a note for Michelle in her dressing room with two white flowers, and a ring he’d chosen himself. He said jokingly ‘you can say no if you want to’, but Michelle screamed ‘yes’!

Wilhelm & Michelle's Wedding on 31 Aug 2013

Photography by: Lucia du Preez Photography

Wilhelm & Michelle's supplier list

Photography by:  Lucia du Preez Photography

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