Megan & Keanen's Real Wedding

Megan & Keanen's Real Wedding - Megan and Keanen’s Glamorous Wedding

Megan and Keanen’s Glamorous Wedding

Megan met Keanen one day when she went for a casual weekend drive with her best friend Jenine (who would become her maid of honour!).

They met up with one of Jenine’s friends who then introduced Megan to Keanen. The rest, as they say, is history.

After four years of being inseparable, Keanen decided to surprise Megan with a weekend away to Mossel Bay for her birthday.

When it came to the end of the trip, Megan felt a little upset as she had not yet received a birthday gift from Keanen. Little did she know!

On their way home, the couple passed Mossel Bay Helicopters and Keanen suddenly suggested that they take a spontaneous helicopter trip. Megan agreed and they went on a beautiful aerial tour of Mossel Bay to take in all the sights.

During the flight, Keanen handed Megan a box that contained a small rope, a ring and a note that said ‘will you tie the knot with me’. Megan couldn’t believe it and said yes through tears of joy.

The white gold ring was beautiful and contained a sapphire to represent Megan’s birth stone. Keanen also picked this ring because it was inspired by Princess Diana of Wales’s wedding ring – very fitting for his very own princess.

The happy couple gave themselves a two year engagement so that they had plenty of time to plan everything. They married at the glamorous Running Waters venue in Port Elizabeth in front of all their loved ones.

It was their perfect celebration that was well worth the wait.

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Megan & Keanen-Megan and Keanen’s Glamorous Wedding
Megan & Keanen-The Bride’s Custom Mermaid Dress
Megan & Keanen-Dark Blue Groomswear
Megan & Keanen-Silver Bridesmaid Dresses
Megan & Keanen-A Traditional Wedding Ceremony
Megan & Keanen-A Modern and Glamorous Reception
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Megan & Keanen's Real Wedding on 21 Nov 2015

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Venue by:  Running Waters
Photography by:  Sphere Photographic

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