Madrileen & Stefan's Real Wedding

Madrileen and Stefan met whilst out dancing one night. He took her number, and it all went from there! They were together for two and a half years before Stefan asked Madrileen to be his wife with an innovative beach proposal. A fun filled wedding followed. 

Stefan & Madrileen-Mr and Mrs

Madrileen first set eyes on Stefan when her friend’s friend brought him along on a night out. They were both in their fourth year on Varsity, and spent the evening talking and dancing.

After over two years together, the couple went to Ramsgate with Stefan’s parents during the December holiday. Stefan suggested a walk on the beach as the sun began to set. Madrileen found a message in a bottle as they walked along, and with a little help from Stefan, she opened it.

At first she felt sorry for the recipient of the letter, as the writer explained the girl could no longer be his girlfriend…until she read on and realised it was because he was asking her to be his wife instead. The last sentence read ‘Madrileen, will you be my wife?’ and she looked up to see Stefan down on one knee. Her answer was ‘yes, yes, YES!’.

Stefan & Madrileen's Wedding on 23 Mar 2013

Photography by: ZoomInk

Wedding venue: Lechwe Lodge

Stefan & Madrileen's supplier list

Photography by:  ZoomInk

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