Liza-Maree & Shaun's Real Wedding

Liza-Maree & Shaun's Real Wedding - Liza-Maree and Shaun’s Beautiful Woodland Wedding

Liza-Maree and Shaun’s Beautiful Woodland Wedding

Liza-Maree and Shaun first met through work on board a cruise ship where Shaun had just started as Liza-Maree’s new manager.

Despite the age gap, the pair hit it off and their first ever date took place in the romantic city of Barcelona. Over a couple of sangrias the pair instantly fell in love.

Three years into their relationship on their anniversary, it was Shaun’s turn to plan the occasion as they had started a tradition of taking it in turns to plan each one. He had planned a romantic weekend away in Hartenbos where Liza-Maree’s parents have a house.

Liza-Maree decided to head down a day early as Shaun threw her off the scent and claimed he had to work on the Friday. After Liza-Maree’s arrival, unbeknownst to her of course, Shaun asked her mother to blindfold her and drive her to a romantic location on the beach… very mysterious!

When Liza-Maree arrived she removed the blindfold and was taken aback to see Shaun waiting for her with sangria and champagne glasses.

They sat down together to enjoy the ocean view, however when Liza-Maree turned around she realised that Shaun was on his knees presenting her with a beautiful Tiffany & Co ring with a cushion cut halo – he had to ask her twice as she was absolutely speechless!

As soon as she said yes he called her parents over who had been waiting all along and they all celebrated the happy couple’s engagement over champagne.

Eight months later, Liza-Maree and Shaun married at the Allesverloren Wine Estate, a beautiful venue in the Riebeek Valley surrounded by spectacular forest and mountain views. 

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Liza-Maree & Shaun-Liza-Maree and Shaun’s Beautiful Woodland Wedding
Liza-Maree & Shaun-The Bride’s Dream Wedding Dress
Liza-Maree & Shaun-A Natural Wedding Bouquet with Peach and Gold Accents
Liza-Maree & Shaun- Shaun’s Navy Groomswear
Liza-Maree & Shaun-A Ceremony at a Forest Chapel
Liza-Maree & Shaun-A Rustic Wedding Venue
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Liza-Maree & Shaun-Liza-Maree and Shaun’s Happily Ever After
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Liza-Maree & Shaun's Real Wedding on 16 May 2015

Shaun & Liza-Maree's supplier list

Photography by:  Justin Davis Photography

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