Lebo & Funani's Real Wedding

Lebo and Funani celebrated their wedding over a whole weekend in November 2014, starting with a romantic 9am matrimony on a Saturday morning, leading to a full wedding reception with 200 guests and an impressive wedding cake that was almost too good to cut!

Funani & Lebo-The Bride and Groom

Lebo and Funani met during an Usher concert through Lebo’s cousin. The couple were instantly attracted to one another and spent the next seven years enjoying the perfect relationship.

When the timing was right, Lebo told Funani he was writing a letter to her family for lobola negotiations and that he believed they were ready for marriage. The couple then decided to shop for an engagement ring as a couple before announcing their engagement officially.

Lebo and Funani were engaged for three years before celebrating their wedding at the end of November 2014 surrounded by 200 wedding guests. 

Funani & Lebo's Wedding on 29 Nov 2014

Photography by: Mahlomola Dithako Photography

Wedding venue: Misty River

Funani & Lebo's supplier list

Photography by:  Mahlomola Dithako Photography

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